Natalia Bernal featured on Chilean National Television!


Natalia was recently featured in an episode of a very interesting music show on the Chilean Television network TVN. The show, DoRemix, devotes each episode to exploring an important song in Chilean music history. Through interviews with the songwriters, original performers, contemporary musicians and folks on the street, the show presents the historical context of the song, some biographical information about the original artists and examines the impact the song had on Chilean culture. Each episode finishes with a music video of a new rendition of the song, arranged by the musical director of the show, Sebastián Piga, and performed by contemporary musicians. The episode she appears in is dedicated to a classic romantic song by the Chilean group Los Galos, “Como Deseo Ser Tu Amor.” Natalia recorded her interview and vocal parts in February of 2013 and was very pleased to see, when the episode aired recently, that she had sung in a virtual band along side two amazing and well-known Chilean singers; Pablo Ugarte of the Band Upa! and the legendary crooner, Lucho Jara. There’s even a clip of Natalia singing a portion of one of her original songs, “Caravaneros,” during her interview, accompanied Jason Ennis.

Check out the Episode here: DoReMix Season 2, episode 11

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